Part 3: Vocabulary


General Guidelines

In the questions of this section, you are asked to pick the two words that are either most nearly the same in meaning or most nearly the opposite in meaning.

Practice Question 1:

A. big  B. large  C. dry  D. slow

BIG and LARGE have the same meaning. The letter for BIG is A and the letter for LARGE is B. Therefore correct answer is A-B.

Practice Question 2:

A. witty  B. sad  C. tired  D. happy

SAD and HAPPY have opposite meanings. The letter for SAD is B and the letter for HAPPY is D. Therefore, correct answer is B-D.

Consider all of the choices before selecting an answer to be sure you haven’t overlooked a choice that is better.

Work CAREFULLY. You should have enough time to answer each question. It is to your advantage to ANSWER EVERY QUESTION. Even if you’re not sure of an answer, make your BEST GUESS, then mark your choice on the answer sheet. You’ll receive one point for each correct answer. Points will not be subtracted for questions you answer incorrectly.

If you finish before time is called, go back and check your work in THIS PART only.

This section contains 10 questions and you will have 3 minutes to complete them.