Part 7: Object Matching

General Guidelines

In the questions of this last section, you have to compare objects.

Practice Question 1:

A.     B.     C.     D.

Notice that only Object B is exactly the same as question object. Therefore correct answer is B.

Remember, on this part SPEED is very important. Work as FAST as you can, but don’t be careless. If you have even the slightest idea of the answer, it is to your advantage to make your BEST GUESS. If you can eliminate one or more wrong choices to a problem, then make your BEST GUESS from the remaining choices. However, if you have no idea of the correct answer, don’t spend time guessing; go to the next problem. You’ll receive one point for each correct answer. You’ll lose one third (1/3) of a point for each wrong answer. Points will not be subtracted for problems you don’t answer.

If you finish before time is called, go back and check your work in THIS PART only.

You will have 2 minutes to complete this part.