Arithmetic Reasoning

There are 7 questions in this section.

1. An ice cream store sold 1,545 ice cream cones in June. Of these, 60% were vanilla. How many vanilla ice cream cones were sold?

2. A carpenter is building a gate that will be 3-1/4 feet wide. The gate will be made of boards 3 inches wide. How many pieces of board will it take to fit across the front of the gate?

3. classroom will seat 80 people. If 56 seats are filled, what percentage of the seats are filled?

4. Michi put ₹7.50 worth of gas in her car. Two co-workers who were riding to work with her offered to share the cost of the gas. One paid 1/2 of the total amount and the other paid 1/3 of the total amount. How much of the total amount was left for Michi to pay?

5. It takes a woman 12 minutes to drive one way to work. She goes home for lunch 3 days each week. How much time does she spend driving to and from work each 5-day work week?

6. A business buys invoice forms at a cost of ₹4.45 a box for the first 20 boxes, ₹4.00 a box for the next 25 boxes, and ₹3.75 a box for any additional boxes. How many boxes of invoice forms can be bought for ₹234.00?

7. A student returned 4 overdue books to the library. The fine for each overdue book is ₹0.35 for the first day, ₹0.40 for each of the next 3 days, and ₹0.45 for each day after that. The total fine was ₹13.40. How many days overdue were the books?