Top Skills (India, 2020)


Popular Skills in JobsEmployees respondedBest Free Learning Resourses (to start with)
Project Management24,625
Microsoft Excel21,576
Microsoft Office18,961
C# Programming Language13,809
Operations Management13,253
Microsoft SQL Server10,495
Engineering Design10,006
ASP.NET Framework9,002
People Management8,915
Business Analysis8,612
Linux8,593coming soon
C++ Programming Language8,474coming soon
Data Analysis8,310coming soon
Microsoft Word7,870coming soon
jQuery7,784coming soon
Autodesk AutoCAD7,775coming soon
Financial Analysis7,664coming soon
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)7,355coming soon
C Programming Language7,347coming soon
Sales Management7,174coming soon
Business Development7,074coming soon
Customer Service6,973coming soon
Test Automation6,859coming soon
Quality Assurance / Quality Control6,405coming soon
Spring6,318coming soon
Black Box Testing6,258coming soon
Regression Testing6,096coming soon
UNIX6,016coming soon
System Testing5,702coming soon
Financial Reporting5,547coming soon
Account Management5,477coming soon
Oracle5,427coming soon
PL/SQL5,171coming soon
Windows Operating System General Use5,133coming soon
PHP5,130coming soon
Adobe Photoshop5,090coming soon
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)4,918coming soon
Angular.js4,826coming soon
Test Planning4,712coming soon
Team Management4,642coming soon
Sales4,559coming soon
Marketing Management4,423coming soon
Python4,418coming soon
Team Leadership4,298coming soon
Software Test4,234coming soon
Product Development4,196coming soon
Recruiting4,047coming soon
Employee Relations4,016coming soon
HTML54,006coming soon
Marketing Communications3,959coming soon
Selenium Automated Test Tool3,820coming soon
Accounting3,725coming soon
Hibernate3,436coming soon
MySQL3,338coming soon
Client Interaction3,331coming soon
Requirements Analysis3,312coming soon
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)3,265coming soon
Market Research3,227coming soon
Network Management / Administration3,111coming soon
Cisco Networking3,082coming soon
Performance Management3,046coming soon
Accounts Payable3,017coming soon
Oral / Verbal Communication2,824coming soon
Research Analysis2,782coming soon
Project Coordinating2,632coming soon
Integration Testing2,619coming soon
Office Administration2,438coming soon
Program Management2,430coming soon
Design2,413coming soon
Risk Management / Risk Control2,373coming soon
Training2,353coming soon
Banking2,350coming soon
Generalist Duties2,325coming soon
SAP ABAP2,325coming soon
Process Improvement2,318coming soon
IT Security & Infrastructure2,289coming soon
Leadership2,281coming soon
Software Architecture2,228coming soon
Strategic Marketing2,201coming soon
Computer Aided Design (CAD)2,180coming soon
Technical Sales2,168coming soon
Negotiation2,137coming soon
Accounts Receivable2,104coming soon
Adobe Illustrator2,093coming soon
Social Media Marketing2,084coming soon
New Business Development2,078coming soon
Business Intelligence2,072coming soon
Acceptance Testing2,070coming soon
Embedded / Real-Time / RTOS2,067coming soon
Benefits & Compensation2,051coming soon
Model-view-controller (MVC)2,035coming soon
Human Resources (HR)2,023coming soon
Business Strategy2,022coming soon
Agile Software Development2,002coming soon
Internet Information Server (IIS)1,985coming soon
Product Management1,955coming soon
Mainframe1,953coming soon
Vendor Management1,912coming soon
Tax Compliance1,874coming soon
SolidWorks1,869coming soon
General Ledger Accounting1,847coming soon
Channel Sales1,813coming soon
CATIA1,810coming soon
Strategic Planning1,797coming soon
Administration1,790coming soon
Strategic Project Management1,751coming soon
Product Marketing1,738coming soon
Oracle 11g1,719coming soon
Graphic Design1,712coming soon
Field Sales1,694coming soon
Payroll Administration1,694coming soon
Big Data Analytics1,689coming soon
Full-Cycle Recruiting1,660coming soon
Human Resources Information System (HRIS)1,657coming soon
Auditing1,653coming soon
SAS1,646coming soon
Quality Improvement / QA1,634coming soon
Pro/Engineer1,624coming soon
Android Software Development Kit (SDK)1,622coming soon
Information Technology (IT) Support1,616coming soon
Machine Learning1,613coming soon
SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (SAP FICO)1,612coming soon
Microsoft Project1,562coming soon
Internal Audit1,542coming soon
Microsoft Active Directory1,541coming soon
R1,538coming soon
Database Administration1,530coming soon
English Language1,518coming soon
Branding1,516coming soon
Automation Scripting1,511coming soon
Production Management1,506coming soon
Android Operating System Development1,493coming soon
Network Support1,489coming soon
Salesforce1,476coming soon
Test Engineering1,473coming soon
J2EE1,470coming soon
Cloud Computing1,469coming soon
iOS1,450coming soon
Manufacturing Process Engineering1,443coming soon
Procurement1,428coming soon
Data Warehouse1,427coming soon
Financial Modeling1,398coming soon
Online Marketing1,375coming soon
Functional Analysis1,366coming soon
Statistical Analysis1,361coming soon
Sourcing1,349coming soon
Troubleshooting1,345coming soon
Shell Scripting1,333coming soon
RESTful Web Services1,325coming soon
Supply Chain1,317coming soon
ETL (Extract, transform, load)1,313coming soon
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)1,304coming soon
Bootstrap1,300coming soon
Web Development1,298coming soon
IT Consulting1,259coming soon
VMware ESX1,254coming soon
Maintenance1,253coming soon
SAP Materials Management (SAP MM)1,222coming soon
Plant Maintenance1,214coming soon
Editing1,211coming soon
Software Development1,207coming soon
Training Management1,200coming soon
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) / Automation1,198coming soon
Amazon Web Services (AWS)1,184coming soon
Construction Site Inspection1,171coming soon
Microsoft Sharepoint Server1,171coming soon
IT Management1,168coming soon
SAP Basis1,165coming soon
Windows Support1,162coming soon
Pre-Sales1,158coming soon
Switching and Routing1,158coming soon
Customer Relations1,147coming soon
Informatica1,142coming soon
System Administration1,141coming soon
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)1,130coming soon
Node.js1,130coming soon
Construction Estimating1,119coming soon
User Interface Design1,110coming soon
Legal Compliance1,104coming soon
Inventory Management1,094coming soon
Lead Generation1,083coming soon
Eclipse Java IDE1,079coming soon
Windows NT / 2000 / XP Networking1,077coming soon
Asynchronous Javascript and XML (Ajax) Web Development1,074coming soon
Content Management1,067coming soon
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)1,065coming soon
VB.Net1,056coming soon
Budgeting1,046coming soon
Data Modeling1,045coming soon
Training Program Development1,045coming soon
Data Entry1,031coming soon
Telecommunications1,029coming soon
Strategic Sales1,028coming soon
Technical Analysis1,015coming soon
Organizational Development1,013coming soon
User Experience (UX) Design996coming soon
Logistics977coming soon
Apache Hadoop968coming soon
Contract Negotiation926coming soon
Oracle eBusiness Suite908coming soon
SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)905coming soon
Objective-C899coming soon
Security Testing and Auditing893coming soon
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)884coming soon
Technical Services880coming soon
NX Unigraphics869coming soon
Mobile applications development863coming soon
Security Risk Management849coming soon
Usability Testing847coming soon
ANSYS Simulation Software839coming soon
SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI)839coming soon
Web Design836coming soon
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)817coming soon
Executive Support815coming soon
Bookkeeping814coming soon
Office Management807coming soon
Corel Draw804coming soon
Tableau Software797coming soon
JavaServer Pages (JSP)791coming soon
SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)788coming soon
Budget Management781coming soon
Email Marketing778coming soon
Advertising768coming soon
Chemical Process Engineering764coming soon
Windows Server 2012 R2747coming soon
Adobe InDesign744coming soon
WordPress741coming soon
Regulatory Compliance740coming soon
Development Operations (DevOps)729coming soon
Consulting Management725coming soon
Microsoft PowerPoint725coming soon
Database Management & Reporting719coming soon
React.js716coming soon
Google Analytics712coming soon
Contract Management702coming soon
Bentley STAAD698coming soon
Matlab683coming soon
Windows Server 2008 R2681coming soon
e-Commerce675coming soon
Credit Control673coming soon
Safety Compliance671coming soon
Visual Basic (VB)652coming soon
Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Language651coming soon
Technical Writing651coming soon
IBM DB2647coming soon
Microsoft .NET646coming soon
MongoDB639coming soon
Windows 2003 Server635coming soon
Perl634coming soon
Forecasting627coming soon
Oracle RAC627coming soon
Switches & Firewall Installation and Administration623coming soon
Problem Solving621coming soon
Equipment Maintenance619coming soon
Autodesk Revit Architecture618coming soon
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)614coming soon
Tax Consulting612coming soon
Tax Preparation611coming soon
Production Support609coming soon
Apache Struts607coming soon
Oracle DB 8i/9i/10g/ 11i605coming soon
Security Policies and Procedures605coming soon
Inside Sales604coming soon
Billing596coming soon
Database595coming soon
Network Security Management588coming soon
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)583coming soon
iOS SDK580coming soon
IP Network580coming soon
Typing579coming soon
Financial Advisor570coming soon
Business to Business (B2B) Sales567coming soon
Oracle Applications559coming soon
Web Content Management558coming soon
Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD)555coming soon
Six Sigma Black Belt555coming soon
Help Desk / Desktop Support (Tier 2)553coming soon
ScrumMaster547coming soon
Virtualization547coming soon
Microsoft Exchange539coming soon
eXtensible Markup Language (XML)538coming soon
Curriculum Planning536coming soon
Cyber Security535coming soon
Purchasing533coming soon
Adobe After Effects531coming soon
Data Processing531coming soon
Copywriting530coming soon
Adobe FrameMaker523coming soon
Apple Xcode IDE523coming soon
SAP Production Planning (SAP PP)522coming soon
Travel Planning515coming soon
Contractor Management514coming soon
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)499coming soon
Systems Troubleshooting497coming soon
Account Sales496coming soon
Writing Procedures & Documentation495coming soon
Corporate Communications494coming soon
Enterprise Solutions493coming soon
Six Sigma Green Belt492coming soon
Oracle 10g491coming soon
Storage Area Networking (SAN)489coming soon
VBA488coming soon
Oracle SQL Developer487coming soon
Jenkins486coming soon
Senior Financial Management484coming soon
Apache HTTP Server478coming soon
Total Quality Management (TQM)478coming soon
Facility Maintenance & Coordination475coming soon
Microsoft Access473coming soon
Data Mining465coming soon
Lean Manufacturing463coming soon
Ruby on Rails463coming soon
Adobe Dreamweaver458coming soon
Scheduling454coming soon
SAS (Statistical Analysis System)450coming soon
COBOL446coming soon
Business Process Engineering442coming soon
Google Ad Words437coming soon
User Research437coming soon
Change Management435coming soon
IBM WebSphere435coming soon
Strategy430coming soon
Insurance424coming soon
LoadRunner424coming soon
GUI Test Automation414coming soon
Interaction Design414coming soon
Engineering Design, Semiconductor408coming soon
SAP Human Resources (SAP HR)407coming soon
Teradata403coming soon
Performance Analysis400coming soon
Proposal Writing400coming soon
Clinical Research396coming soon
Microsoft Visio395coming soon
Market Analysis392coming soon
Apache Spark390coming soon
Cash Handling387coming soon
Swift Programming Language387coming soon
Autodesk 3ds Max384coming soon
Adobe Acrobat383coming soon
Legal Document Review380coming soon
Reconciliation377coming soon
Media / Public Relations372coming soon
Microsoft Azure372coming soon
Adobe RoboHelp369coming soon
verilog364coming soon
ABAP/4361coming soon
Cost Accounting359coming soon
Digital Marketing356coming soon
Retail355coming soon
SAP NetWeaver355coming soon
Java Servlet352coming soon
Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)352coming soon
Autodesk Software345coming soon
Loan Underwriting345coming soon
Job Control Language (JCL)342coming soon
Adobe Flash334coming soon
Computer Hardware Technician334coming soon
Molecular Biology329coming soon
SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)328coming soon
SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)326coming soon
SAP Security325coming soon
Distributed Control Systems (DCS)320coming soon
Proofreading320coming soon
Medical Coding318coming soon
Cognos317coming soon
SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)317coming soon
Algorithm Development316coming soon
Sales Engineering314coming soon
Merchandising313coming soon
Supplier Management313coming soon
Systems Engineering313coming soon
Web Performance Monitoring/Tuning311coming soon
Counseling310coming soon
National Sales310coming soon
Video Editing304coming soon
Driver/Core Development303coming soon
Web Marketing302coming soon
3D Rendering300coming soon
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)300coming soon
Corporate Governance297coming soon
Drupal295coming soon
JavaServer Faces (JSF)294coming soon
Commercial293coming soon
Instrument Control293coming soon
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)288coming soon
Help Desk / Desktop Support287coming soon
Customer Service Metrics286coming soon
Network Architecture / Design284coming soon
Siebel284coming soon
Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3d283coming soon
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical283coming soon
Express (Node.js)281coming soon
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)279coming soon
Windows Server 2008275coming soon